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We would be excited to help you grow your business and manage your accounts. We can guide you through the complex and ever growing tax code and help you keep the taxman happy. With a range of services and a fixed monthly fee you can be coinfident that we can handle anything your financial situation requires with no nasty surprises. All you need to do is sit back, relax and leave us to sort out your tax and business affairs.

We are happy to host you here in our office, or meet you in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you.

We love accountancy,
it’s just what we do

Our enthusiasm is for accountancy. We just love what we do. From navigating the intricacies of the tax code to PAYE, from VAT to business management and from NI to growing your business. We’re the safest pair of hands you can have – we just know you’ll be delighted with our dedication, passion and knowledge.

At Assured Accountancy our focus is you. Whether you want to grow your business, or you’re just wanting to navigate the complicated world of the tax system we will provide exciting solutions to your accountancy-based affairs, and give you individual attention from day one. We’re on the ball from our first meeting, so there are no nasty surprises to come along further down the line.

We will help and do anything for anyone

We offer a huge range of services, including:

There aren’t many questions you can ask that we can’t help you with. Even if we need to take professional help we'll get a solution for you. We won't rest until your problem is resolved.


Andy Bullard BSc FCA CTA

Andy, a family man, moved to Yorkshire, God’s own county, in 2008 with his wife Rosie, all 6 children having left home. He undertook a course in business development which affirmed many of his ideas about how businesses could fulfil their full potential.

The quiet life has never materialised. After a spell on the volunteer life-boat, Andy now looks after the general population by volunteering as a community first responder. Not content with this, he holds the office as Financial Director of the now flourish Hornsea Floral Hall. And just to mop up any spare time he sings with the choir, Costal Voices of Bridlington.

Emma Cage MAAT

The engine room of the business and its dependable anchor. Having taken the whole of the AAT syllabus in her stride, she is now taking aim at the Chartered Accountant qualification. Emma’s financial expertise is beyond question, not at least because when playing bingo she wins more often than she loses. Emma is renowned for her commitment to Hull City and will regale anyone with her stories of the 3 visits to Wembley in recent years.

However, underneath Emma is a ‘home bird’ and enjoys time with family and friends. Born and bred in East Yorkshire, certainly a local rose. With her finger on the pulse, you can be confident that your accounting problems are understood.

Together we can help your business grow

Even if you're already the leader in your industry, you will have opportunities to improve the profitability of your business. It’s not always easy to achieve, but it's certainly possible.

You need a plan of attack. Specifically, you need to find out exactly what your existing, and potential customers want - it's not always the lowest price. This forms the basis of your marketing plan.

You then need to organise your business so that you can delight your customers. This forms the basis of your operations plan. This requires giving attention to your team members and equipping them with the resources and skills they need to excel in what they do... you must systematise your business.

Finally you need a management control plan in place to make sure everything is working the way you designed it to work. This will focus on the things you must get right to succeed. We call these things your Critical Success Factors. We measure how your business is performing in relation to them with the use of key performance Indicators.

As Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited (Harper Business, 1995), said, ''The reason most businesses don't work is that the people who are supposed to be managing them are too busy Working IN them rather than working ON them."

He means that they're doing the technical work. They're working with their hands rather than with their heads. There's a limit to what the hands can do, but no limit to what the head can do.

We believe that as your Business Development Accountant our job is to help you reengineer your business so that it runs like a well-oiled machine. And once that's achieved, we want to help you keep it there!


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